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VideoChapters.com is a site dedicated to the promotion of a new video indexing standard that will vastly improve the video search experience and allow publishers to build more traffic and audience around their video content.

What is the Video Chaptering Standard?

The team promoting the Video Chaptering standard is WellcomeMat, a video platform geared to the real estate industry. The following is a demonstration of how video chapters will help users find, watch and share the most relevant video content.

Why should I join?

"Video chapters are the future of how video content is found, watched and shared by end users. Speech to text transcriptions are great, but DVDs are not navigated by what is said within videos." - Christian Sterner
Co-Founder | WellcomeMat

Video Chapter Standard

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Chapters inserted into videos are not currently indexed or search-able by any means external to publishers' websites. Chapters are extremely valuable to viewers because they:

  1. Provide additional context about what is within videos and enable viewers to navigate web/mobile videos as they would a DVD.
  2. Naturally fit within search engine's existing model - users type in a keyword search > find, watch and share the most relevant content.
If users were able to search through video with the same ease at which they could a text document, it would greatly increase the value of video content for both publishers and search engines.


Provide content creators and publishers a standard for video chapters to be organized and indexed by search engines.


Supplement the current methodologies for video indexing (MRSS and Video Sitemaps) with an additional standard to provide the information for a video’s chapters.  Whichever feed-type you are currently using to list your videos with search engines, you can plug in this format to support video Chapters.

To find information on creating valid XML please visit the following:

  1. MRSS: http://video.search.yahoo.com/mrss
  2. Video Sitemap: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=80472

Ok, now show me the standard >

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